Monthly Archives: May 2007

Bridal portrait before the wedding

As a part of the wedding photography package I often go to the bride’s home to take getting ready shots, you know, pictures of the bride putting on the dress with her assistant tying the back of the dress… or the hairstylist busy getting the bride and every one else’s hair done on time… I...

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Two Limos…

Over the last weekend me and my wife just did a backyard wedding where a big tent was placed and tables were set up. The couple rented two limos and the bride’s limo came later… imagine the surprise on my face when after shooting non-stop at the limo pulling in, the door opened and the...

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True Infrared Imagery available for your wedding

Here are some infrared pictures I took recently at Crescent Beach… A few people asked me by infrared do I mean simple “black&white”? No. Infrared camera captures the invisible light just outside the red visible spectrum. The result is different from a black&white conversion from a normal colour photograph. Check the images above for yourself!

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