Las Vegas Wedding Photographers’ Convention

Hello everyone! Your Photographer Jonathan is in Las Vegas right now, wrestling with the album manufacturers and suppliers to get the best albums for our brides (yes that is YOU). We will give a report when we come back, ok?

You know, everytime when we go to Las Vegas for the yearly convention it is really refreshing cause you can talk to all the fellow photographers, including some of the very famous high-end photographers such as Yervant, Joe B, Jesh de Rox. We learn so much more every time from these Master Photographers and it really helps us to improve our work!

Stay tuned for some of the new styles and techniques we will use for the 2008 season!!!

p.s. In the meantime my staff has told me that the main web site is down at the moment. It should be back in 1-2 days. If you need assistance please feel free to e-mail us and we will reply to you nightly.

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