Dollar Dance Ideas – Turn Your Dollar Dance Into a Fun and Sassy Event

FB-001-3One wedding tradition that is seeing a comeback recently, in these tough economic times, is the money dance – sometimes referred to as the dollar dance. This is something that is done at the reception, and it usually involves people lining up for short turns to dance with the bride and groom, and paying a few dollars for that honor. Traditionally the money is meant to go towards the bride and groom’s honeymoon expenses, but in truth, they can use it for whatever they like.

While it may seem a bit crass if you’ve never observed the tradition or heard of it, in truth it is a cute way for people to be able to give a little extra something to the happy couple, and for them to have a chance to socialize with individual guests one on one, on a day that would probably be too hectic otherwise.

Additionally, here are some tips to help keep the vibe fun and upbeat, so the dollar dance actually becomes one of the favorite memories of the reception.

Use Money Related Music – Instead of the sentiment laden love ballads that are sure to be permeating the rest of the reception playlist, as they should considering the occasion, consider using faster paced tunes that center around monetary themes. Popular choices include “Money Money Money” and “Money (That’s What I Want)” – your only limits are your imagination and your DJ’s catalogue.

Make Sure the DJ Keeps Things Moving – It shouldn’t be up to the bride or groom to have to tell individual guests that it’s time to move things along. By the same token, it shouldn’t be left to the guests to have to judge how long is appropriate to stay before giving the next person a chance. Both of these leave the situation open to be very awkward. The DJ, if they are an experienced wedding DJ, should already have a system in place for timing the transitions.

Pouches and Satchels Are Easy Ways to Collect the Cash – Rather than having to try to hold the cash, or making an awkward show of where it should be put, be prepared with tasteful pouches for the guests to deposit their financial gifts into.

The Bride and Groom Need to Keep the Conversation Going – Even though it is the couple’s Big Day, the people who come to the wedding are still their guests. As good hosts, you need to be able to hold engaging conversations with people who you may not know well, people who are likely members of your fiance’s circle of friends and family. Luckily, these conversations will be short and center around similar topics with each person. Be prepared – you can even practice the small talk ahead of time if it doesn’t come easy to you.

If you are looking for the best wedding songs for your dollar dance, even if they need to be niche-specific, like christian wedding songs, don’t give up until you have found songs that resonate with you! Music is an important part of your wedding day, don’t sell yourself short!

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