I’ve got my 32GB factory unlocked iPhone 4!

Wow, after 12 hours of lining up, I’ve got my iPhone 4, woooo!
I lined up at Oakridge Centre at 5am, and that was not early enough, because Oakridge sold out of their iPhone 4 stock by 1pm. An Apple girl told us at 1pm that anyone beyond a certain point at the line up (me included) are not guaranteed a phone, and they will not take down our name or give us any raincheck. How mean. Basically she was telling everyone in 300+ crowd that they waited for 8 hours for nothing!!! I mean they knew what the stock level was so they should have acted much earlier, and not wasted 300+ people’s valuable time.

So I ended up catching a ride with a buddy I met at the line to Pacific Centre Apple Store, where they have lots in stock. 1 minutes into the line up I was greeted by a sweet Apple girl (Estha?) and she booked the iPhone 4 32GB for me and guaranteed that I would get it by sun down… Obviously the staff at Pacific Centre knows what they were doing, and the staff at Oakridge Centre did not.

Anyways I am glad that I’ve got my 32GB factory unlocked iPhone 4!!

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