A White Wedding

A white wedding umbrella is a great way to accessorize your big day. Attractive and feminine, they add a certain touch of elegance to a wedding that makes it even more special, even magical. Moreover, they can be given as favors to your families and friends, making it even practical. Aside from its decorative purposes, a wedding umbrella can in fact be functional. Depending on its style and fabric, it can actually function as a standard umbrella and protect you from the sun and rain. A parasol, slightly different than the standard umbrella by its longer handle, and usually made of lace or Chinese paper, can protect you from the sun. It is considered more of an accessory because of its intricate design. More sturdy umbrellas, like those made of satin or clear plastic, can actually protect you from the rain. They are weather-resistant and therefore more durable.

White wedding umbrellas also come in different sizes. There is a 60″ golf-sized umbrella that can actually fit two persons, like the bride and the groom or two bridesmaids perhaps. There is the standard or adult-sized umbrellas for sunshade and perfect as wedding favors because they can be personalized with texts, pictures and photos of the couple. There are also kids’ sized umbrellas adorable for the little flower girls. Then there are umbrellas used as centerpieces for buffet or wedding reception tables. These are usually made of Chinese paper with trinkets and floral designs.

These umbrellas are easy and delightful to find. Many shops and websites create truly one of a kind masterpieces that make them not only complement a wedding theme but actually complete it. Websites such as Umbrella Heaven for example has elegant choices at great deals. Bella Umbrella on the other hand is a unique shop that offers Victorian or vintage-inspired umbrellas for rent.

Achieving that dream wedding without spending lavishly on unnecessary expenses and wedding accessories is not that difficult.

White wedding umbrellas are an inexpensive way of sprinkling a breath of magic to your wedding that makes you feel like you are in fairyland with your damsels and prince charming. So look out for great wedding umbrellas sale to achieve that dream wedding without sacrificing your wallet. All it takes is the magic of white wedding umbrellas to fit the woman of true style and taste. A perfect ending to a great love story!

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